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The adventures of my new phone.

I’ve always tried my best to keep tabs on technology in some way. I follow some tech-savvy dudes on Twitter, and browse sites like Tested and Engadget occasionally. But, I could never keep myself up-to-date with technology. Mainly because technology can be pretty damn expensive, and that technology includes cell phones.

For about 2-3 years, I was “rocking” an old Motorola flip phone. It was really clunky, took a while to do certain options, and could browse the internet very slowly and horribly. When I hung out with friends, I was annoyed at the fact they’d have snappy phones like Blackberrys and iPhones, while I sat here messing around with my dinky flip phone, occasionally flipping it up in vague hope I’d have somebody leave me a message or something. (Nobody really ever called me or sent me any messages, I just considered it something to do while I was bored.)

So I had been wanting a smartphone. Then that nasty thing called “price” reared its ugly head once more. Even though friends had made great suggestions like phones with the Android OS, most of the Android phones were very expensive. Not only that, I was trying to be coerced out of doing a contract because I was told by my father that “services like Boost Mobile and Cricket are going to be the standard” — or something to that effect — which further clouded my decision-making. But come hell or high water I was gonna get a smart phone.

My choice was the Samsung Transform. Granted, it’s not an HTC Evo or a Nexus One, but it does what I want it to do: Browse the web, use applications like Twitter, and be able to share images and video. With the old phone, I felt separated from the internet. I know that sounds weird, but nothing sucked more than coming home to 200 unread tweets, about 100 unread Facebook messages, and several new emails after being away from the PC for a few hours at a time. I wanted to stay connected, and the Transform does just that. It even has MP3-playing capabilities, but I doubt I’d use it for anything outside of listening to podcasts, like what I use my old PSP for. The Transform may not be able to play popular Android games like Angry Birds, but I can live with that.

I know this sounds dumb and goofy, but this is literally a major milestone to me. For instance, on the 30th, after having a late birthday drink, I was able to do the following:

– Have a brief conversation with an internet friend over Twitter
– Browse Destructoid‘s news articles
– Check if there was a way to get home by mass transit, using a combination of the Maps application and Trimet‘s mobile site.

Before, I would’ve had to check Trimet’s transit tracker at nearby stops and by calling the phone number (238-RIDE), and probably get a ride home halfway as most of the buses stop service early on Sundays. Now, with my new phone, I can be confident in finding an easy way home. It works out for me more than you think it does, really.

I have a bunch of things planned for the course of the year. Ideally I want to get a job, finally learn to drive, and live out on my own. While some of those may be far off, it doesn’t hurt for me to be optimistic for a change. Certainly is better than feeling like worthless crap, anyway.