So, who the heck am I, you may ask?

(A picture from about August 2009. It’s pretty close to what I look like now.)

Name: B.J. Brown
Online handle: TonicBH
Birthdate: January 28, 1986
Current place of residence: Portland, OR. (Greatest city in the world, no debate.)

I was one of those internet dudes who got introduced to the web in my early teenage life. Yes, I was an AOL user (weren’t we all?) for a few years until I got a real ISP around 2001-02. Before I made this blog, I had a long, comprehensive blog over at Livejournal. (Remember that site? Probably not, it hasn’t been really relevant on the web since 2006.) Anyway, I had written stuff every once in a while, but hadn’t regularly updated it in years. I wanted to move to something more “recent” and something with a little more manipulation on what I could do with it, so I looked into WordPress. And here I am.

I tend to be one of those internet nerds who like random pop culture things like video games. I’m not really a “console warrior” nor am I a fanboy of a certain console, I grew out of that mindset years ago. My games of choice tend to be first-person shooters, although as of this writing I have been getting into music-based rhythm games like Rock Band most recently. I’m willing to try most genres and series at least once. I used to be that big Nintendo kid who had an NES and a bunch of games like Mario and Zelda, but now it’s alternating between PC gaming like Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 (<3 Valve) to console gaming on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (I have a Wii, except my mom uses it more for Wii Sports and Netflix than I use it for anything.)

I used to like watching TV game shows and I still tune into GSN (better known as “The network that airs game shows but don’t call us the Game Show Network, darn it!”) once in a while to watch reruns of The $25,000 Pyramid, but I’m not as engrossed in it as much as I used to be. Probably because the landscape of modern game shows such as Deal or No Deal kinda ruined what I loved about the game shows of the past. Oh well, no hard feelings against the genre, it had to evolve sometime.

As for other interests, my music tastes are relatively simple: “If it sounds good, I like it.” So my music can alternate from Jimi Hendrix to Chicago to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Hall & Oates to Weezer to Green Day to Blink-182 to Lady Gaga. Not everything is wonderful to my ears these days, so I tend to gravitate more towards 80s and 90s stuff than modern pop stuff. But I’ll give anything a try.

Anything else that you want to know about me? Leave a comment or send me an email. I’ll answer everything. Well, mostly everything, anyway.

  1. Looking forward to more blogs from you!

  2. Hi there Tonic. Now I feel like I should write a blog too, but I am just not much of a writer…
    Good to see you around these parts.

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