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So yesterday, me, my dad, my aunt visiting from Las Vegas, my uncle and my cousins piled into a rental van and drove from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA for the football game in CenturyLink field. The Seattle Seahawks vs. the Green Bay Packers. I’ve to sporting events in the past: A few Portland Trail Blazer games, a Mariners game in middle school, even a minor league game in Wisconsin a couple years ago, but never to a football game. So this was going to be a fun experience.

Outside of my aunt, everybody, including me, was wearing some form of Packers garb. A shirt, a jersey of Clay Matthews or other supporting members of the team, all that jazz. Our family are Packers fans, we got team shirts, a blanket when they won Super Bowl XXXI, even a big Packers bobblehead that features a soundbite of the Hank Williams Jr. Monday Night Football theme that’s kinda funny now. Personally, I like both teams for different reasons: Green Bay because of their skill and past victories, Seattle because they’re the closest football team, but I had my Packers Super Bowl victory shirt from a year or two ago for the game.

We arrived in Seattle around 3:00, and didn’t take long to get through the large crowd and get inside. Unfortunately we were in the nosebleed section, where we walked up lots of stairs. It was a good view of the field from above, but somewhat of a pain to go up and down in to get to the restrooms or snack bars.  Regardless, we snagged some drinks and snacks — $10 for fries and a root beer? Ridiculous — and sat down for kickoff around 5:30.

It was interesting to see the pre-game events where they grab audience members to win prizes, which I’ve seen in the other sporting events I went to. They also had sponsor offers if certain events happened at the game. For instance, if the Seahawks had 3 QB sacks in the game, you could show your ticket stub at a Jack-in-the-Box for a free Jumbo Jack. Funny enough, we walked by the Jack-in-the-Box after the game to see it was closed for the night. Clearly they didn’t want thousands of Seahawks fans flooding the place, and I couldn’t blame them.

Now, if you follow football in any capacity, you may have heard about the bad judgement call by the referees at the end of the game, where they gave the Seahawks the win despite it being an interception/safety by the Packers. Alas, we really couldn’t see it from up there, but when I saw it when I got back, I have to agree: it’s quite bullshit that they decided to stick with the call, even after the fact when they said “Yeah it’s true, it should be a safety; but we ain’t changing the results.” Despite that and getting a few words of encouragement from random Packers and Seahawks fans, we all piled up in the car and got home around 1:30AM.

Would I do it again? Certainly. It’s infinitely better than watching it at home, though it can be deafening to those who aren’t used to the loud noise, like me.