Me, the tour guide.

Oh hey, I’m not quite dead. My apologies, there hasn’t been much going on in my world to really justify posting a blog article. Unless people wanna know what I bought off Steam’s recent Summer Sale. (Saints Row: The Third, PAYDAY: The Heist and Just Cause 2. total cost of about $21.) But stuff did happen a few days ago, so here we go.

I found out my friend Elizabeth was briefly visiting town for OSCON, to accept an award. Elizabeth and I have known each other online for about a decade, starting with an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 chatroom back in its heyday. (I still keep up with a few friends from that chat every now and then.) When I found out she was visiting, I was excited to finally get to meet her in person. So we met on Saturday morning and went to a few travel spots. My apologies for no pictures this time ’round, I only took one due to the poor quality of my phone.

First was a Rogue Ales restaurant in downtown. I’m not a beer drinker (most of them have a strong bitter taste I’m not used to), but she wanted to check this place out. We both got a sampler tray of beers, which were all pretty good despite some of them being a little strong. After a little cajoling afterwards, we hopped on the MAX train to go to the Oregon Zoo. I’ve seen the zoo many times but never actually been to it, so it was a unique experience, at least. Most of the animals were in hiding due to the heat (it was about late 80s or so), but what we did see was pretty darn cool. At one point we bought tickets for a train, but realized the trip would take too long and we were kinda pressed for time, so we didn’t get to do that. Maybe next time when it’s not as hot.

Granted, during the whole zoo trip I was kinda exhausted and worn out, though I didn’t say a word because I thought it would’ve been rude to complain. After all, I’m not a kid, I’m a grown-ass man. Despite the heat it was a cool experience and I wouldn’t mind going again someday.

Afterwards, we head back downtown and wait for another internet friend of ours to meet up. However, by the time he showed up it was 4:30PM, and she had to get on a plane in an hour or two, so we couldn’t catch an early dinner. I said my hellos and goodbyes, then headed back towards home, where I bumped into another friend on the way there, as we conversed on the way home.

It wasn’t until the following day did I realize that this wouldn’t have occurred without the internet. I know people are bound to say the internet rots your brain and all that goofy jazz, but I wouldn’t have as many friends in this world had I not discovered it. The internet made this more possible for me, and I am grateful for it.

I hope the next time Elizabeth comes in town that it’s for more than a day, there’s a lot of interesting locales in downtown Portland alone, and that’s not even including stuff like Forest Park and the rest of Washington Park we didn’t see. Even Lloyd Center is an interesting tourist attraction. 😛


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  1. Thanks again for playing the tour guide, I had a lot of fun! Sorry you were so tired 🙂

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