I am a guy and I love Ugg boots.

I like shoes. Probably more than a normal man like me should. I like the look, the feel, the designs… sometimes the right pair of shoes can make any person, man or woman, feel sexy. Then around 2-3 years ago I started seeing a new shoe cropping up. They were called “UGG boots,” a simple suede boot with a sheepskin lining. No need to wear socks, they’d keep you warm without them. I wanted to have them.

I am a guy, and I wanted Ugg boots.

I first bought some local knockoff brand. They were nice and black, but they were too tall and folding them over looked weird. I realized I wanted the real deal. So I went to a Nordstrom and tried on a pair of real Ugg branded boots. They felt so soft, warm, and looked cute on me. So I did one of the biggest impulse buys of my life and paid $125 for a pair of these wonderful Ugg boots.


I am a guy, and I now owned Ugg boots.

Thus, I wore my boots. Walked around in snow, mostly rain — I live in Portland, Oregon after all — and even during the coldest of nights. My feet kept warm, and I thought they looked real cute on me. I wasn’t the only one who agreed, many of my friends liked the boots too. But then I came to a horrible realization. While I had friends who liked my boots, there were people who thought differently. Ones who were jackasses wearing their shorts half-way down to their ass and wearing loose Adidas. They’d take a picture of me wearing them, no doubt to text or tweet “Look at this boot-wearing faggot” or similar insults.

I am a guy, and I started to regret owning Ugg boots.

But then I realized another thing. In spite of the mockery online and in real life, saying “they’re for girls” and that they look “uggly, hence why they’re called ugg boots,” I still liked them. I may not be the most fashionable person out there, but I thought my Ugg boots went good with my slacks. I did not feel like I had wasted $125 on something dumb. I didn’t care what others thought of me owning those brown suede fuzzy boots. Why should we limit ourselves to what’s “masculine” or “feminine?” Guys sometimes wear floofy skirts and fishnet tights. Some women go more for a punk tomboyish look. If a girl can look like a dude and not care about what others thought of their looks, then why should I care about what some teenage dickheads think about me wearing ugg boots? Men should get to wear these boots too.

I am a guy, and I love Ugg boots.

Granted, they’re not always practical — unless you live in constantly cold weather — and they tend to look a bit plain unless you mix-and-match your wardrobe with them. But I don’t care, I think more men should wear Ugg boots. They’re soft, comfy, and cute. You may be skeptical, that’s fine. But walk into a store that sells them and give them a try — no socks on, of course. You may become a believer, a fan, and a proud wearer of nice, comfy sheepskin boots. Girls already know about the greatness of sheepskin boots. We just need to convince the guys that they’re cool too.

 (While we’re at it, hey Ugg Australia, you need to make those Cardy and Knit styles for men. They probably would work as great house slippers, you’re missing an opportunity when all us men can pick from is just the classic design.)


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Just a guy in his twenties continuing his ventured tales on the internet by writing random but quirky things on my mind.

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  1. Ok, I LOVE your blog! Found it as I was doing some research on Ugg boots. I’m a recent lover of UGGs too. In fact, I think I have the same ones you do! And look, don’t worry about what others think about UGGs. I was a bit put off by them too until I owned a pair. Those people have no idea what they’re missing!
    For what its worth, here’s an article I just did about them and, note: I think the module in this article about men’s uggs is the prettiest! Keep on plodding along!


  2. Hi i am kavin, its myy first timee to commenting anywhere, whn i read this
    piece of writing i thought i could alo makee comment due to thiss brilliannt article.

  3. I like shoes. Probably more than a normal man like me should. I like the look, the feel, the designs… ugslippers.wordpress.com

  4. Hi.. Love the article and I totally love my UGG boots too. I’m a middle age guy and I know there are those shallow teenagers who have nothing better to do than hate on guys in girls boots, but I’ve been through too much living to care too much. I think they are cute and comfy and that’s what I like so screw it! I’m going wear em and enjoy it—heck I even wear Bailey Button not just the classic. I feel more like as Eskimo than a girl though. They’re too cool. Peace!

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