Testing the tumblr waters.

I woke up one day thinking about Tumblr, a microblogging sort of site. I’ve thrown up a tumblr here. I’m testing it because that site seems suitable more to shorter, paragraph-long diatribes about things more than my personal blog has. If you follow the regular blog, it’d be nice if you follow the tumblr as well, as I’ll probably post short stuff on there and more longer drawn-out pieces here. At least, I hope that’ll be my goal.

My problem as of late is trying to find an audience. All my hits these days come from the blogs where I wrote reviews about two television shows. I get fuck-all views for everything else. What am I doing wrong here?


About B.J. Brown

Just a guy in his thirties continuing his ventured tales on the internet by writing random but quirky things on my mind.

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  1. If it helps, I usually check your blog via RSS, so I wouldn’t show up on your site views most of the time. However, I do use Google Reader, so if there’s a way to count your blog’s subscriptions made via that site (I _think_ there is… maybe…) I’ll show up there.

    • It actually does count refers from Google Reader.

      I guess I was just feeling bummed that day. It’s somewhat discouraging to not really know if anybody’s reading my stuff or not. Perhaps I need to lower my expectations: I think I’m some big shot when in reality I’m just a no-name.

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