Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Portland Classic Car Expo

I went to a car show last weekend. To be exact, the Portland Classic Car Expo. I’m not a big car guy, but I needed something to do and time to kill, so my friend Bennet brought me along for the ride.

There were a bevy of cars there: Old 50s dragsters, 60s-70s muscle cars, even old 1900 carriage cars. A good section was squared off to specific replicas of famous cars from movies and TV shows. Among those featured was KITT from Knight Rider, two cars from Death Proof, the Hummer from Zombieland, the Eliminator car that ZZ Top used in their music videos in the 80s, and the god damn Batmobile.

The BatmobileCue the Batman theme.

They had a lot of muscle cars from the 70s, and even a Datsun car circa 1991 that could almost fit in the modern style. My friend also pointed out how many modern car companies are making their Mustangs and other models look more like the 60s versions as a throwback. Not surprising considering how many of those there were. You can see more of the cars here.

The Classic Car Expo was a nice time-killer for the weekend, surely. Makes me want to find use for my Dad’s 1963 Ford truck. He was restoring it for a few years and now it just lies near our driveway. Wonder how much it would cost to finish it up, or at least sell it as-is…


Testing the tumblr waters.

I woke up one day thinking about Tumblr, a microblogging sort of site. I’ve thrown up a tumblr here. I’m testing it because that site seems suitable more to shorter, paragraph-long diatribes about things more than my personal blog has. If you follow the regular blog, it’d be nice if you follow the tumblr as well, as I’ll probably post short stuff on there and more longer drawn-out pieces here. At least, I hope that’ll be my goal.

My problem as of late is trying to find an audience. All my hits these days come from the blogs where I wrote reviews about two television shows. I get fuck-all views for everything else. What am I doing wrong here?