Remembering September 11: Where was I that day?

It’s the tenth anniversary of the day when some religious extremists decided to hijack some of our airplanes and killed a bunch of people, destroyed one landmark and damaged one other. It’s a day that will live in modern infamy. I guess I’ll tell my story on what I saw that day, before I get into a little rant.

I was 15 years old, going through high school at the time. I wake up at 7AM, which was the normal time for me to be awake. Dad tells me to turn to channel 8 or 6 or one of the networks. I saw the first tower already attacked. I kept watching the news stories reporting this, stunned in horror at what was happening. I think I even saw the second plane hit the second tower. By then I was running late for school, so I had to get in the car and miss what happened after. Back then, it was harrowing to find out a tragic event has happened in your country and you were alive to see it.

That being said, it’s unfortunate for all the losses we suffered, as well as all the families who grieve for their losses daily. It annoys me that even ten years later I have to be constantly reminded of it every damn year. Sure, the first anniversary and the second I could let it slide, even remembering the tenth year of the tragedy. But every September 11th since the attacks, I’ve had people go “9/11 NEVER FORGET” and to remember who we lost and such. Haven’t we given enough of our condolences during the attack and in 2002 on its first anniversary? Why must we constantly remind ourselves of this every year? We don’t do this during the anniversary the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor during World War II, we don’t do this during the anniversary of one’s death, so why must I constantly be reminded to remember and grief for our losses every year for the past ten years?! In fact, I’d honestly rather forget that it happened. Telling someone who lost a family member in the attacks to remember 9/11 has to be even worse for them than for me, considering how much their life changed in that one instant. To me, it’s inconsiderate and insulting.

If you lost somebody on that fateful day, somebody you cared for, somebody you loved, I am terribly sorry for your loss. If you’re one who constantly beats that drum of “9/11 never forget,” forget about it already. We’re at that point where the 9/11 tragedy should be a footnote in a news story, and only remembered on specific anniversaries. If I didn’t see any more 9/11 dedications until 2016, that would be perfectly fine by me.


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