Monthly Archives: May 2011

My shoe obsession, part 1 of x.

I used to write in my old blog how I had somewhat of a shoe obsession. I didn’t call it a shoe fetish as it wasn’t really a turn-on, just more of a fascination. Yesterday, while randomly visiting the Washington Square mall, I decided to try on this old classic:

Granted, I liked them, but I couldn’t afford them ($120) as I’m trying to save up money to afford a camping trip and the Penny Arcade Expo, both of which happen in August. Either way, I thought they were cool and complimented my button shirt and dress pants.

This made me think about my past random shoe obsessions. Four years ago, it was Converse Chuck Taylors, of which I still own and wear on occasion. Two years ago, it was Ugg Boots, of which I haven’t worn regularly in months. I suddenly noticed a trend in all three of these: They’re all considerably “tall,” at least above the calf. Granted, the Chucks only barely go past it, but the others definitely go up to mid-knee, at least. I wonder if this has to do with me not liking the look of bare feet, and having tall footwear as a solution to masking the look. I honestly don’t know for sure.

You know, sometimes I wonder if this is normal. It probably isn’t.


Keeping up with the video game joneses.

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog on Destructoid as part of their Monthly Musings that talked about how I was always behind on video games. The blog was about how I had played very few games that were released that year, and my promise in 2011 was to be more current and play more recent games.

So far this year, I’ve gotten through most of Red Dead Redemption (released last year), I’m prodding through Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 (released late last year), played and finished Portal 2 (released two weeks ago), and bought Dead Space 2 (released in January). And thanks to Giant Bomb featuring it on their weekly Thursday night multiplayer sessions, I actually bought the newest Mortal Kombat for $30 today at a Toys R Us.

I may not keep up and up with EVERY new video game that’s released, but this is a hell of a lot better than last year.