Trans discrimination.

I’m going to start this blog post by saying I absolutely love and adore transpeople. Not that I’d want to be one — I value my manhood — but their stories of transitioning and the experiences they go through are very fascinating. Hell, I’m friends with a few trans people, online and off. But there’s one thing that worries me a lot: Trans discrimination.

About a week ago, a transgendered woman was beaten repeatedly by two customers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore, MD. She was dragged by her hair, pulled, and beaten repeatedly by these two women. McDonald’s employees stood there, filming the incident and saying to “Beat that Trans woman!” I found a link to this thanks to a petition that a Facebook friend posted. And I saw the video.

There’s not much I can say. It’s horrific. It’s scary. It’s something I actually worry about all the time to the trans people I know. This is about as bad as the murder of Matthew Shepard. At least the woman is still alive, although she will never be the same again.

There are times like these where I wish I could give people like her a hug, even though it wouldn’t fix all the damage and trauma she experienced. This really, really shouldn’t happen, people. Thank god action has already been taken: The two women involved in the assault have been arrested, and the employees involved who filmed the thing as well as insult the trans women have been fired, with McDonald’s making a statement that started with “There’s no room for violence under the golden arches.” Hopefully it’s not a hollow promise and that employees will be better trained to prevent this from happening again.

I might as well link to the petition here, if you want to sign it.

This is something I honestly worry about all the time. Gay rights are slowly being accepted into the national landscape, but I’m worried that Transgendered rights are going to do the same song and dance that gay people went through long ago. Why can’t we live in a society where it’s okay to be whatever you want to be? I guess you can’t fix stupid.

When I get a chance, I’m going to hug the next trans person I see, and continue to support trans rights. Because I don’t want to see trans people suffer. Ever.


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  1. That was all over the news here in DC. It is quite scary for trans people out there, but a lot of the country is still just as unsafe for anyone who is not the norm. Hopefully things are changing for the better.

  2. Yay, thanks, BJ! Ooogh, that story scared the shit out of me. That woman just as easily could have been me. The idea that I can’t even go for a cheap burger and fries without being beaten into a seizure, while people stand around filming and jeering, makes me feel unsafe everywhere. There are other examples like this… I think it was last year that a trans man somewhere on the West Coast was beaten up and slashed with a knife while using a stall in the men’s bathroom at his college; and it was Black Friday last year that a trans woman at a Kohl’s store was beaten up and her jaw broken for no reason while employees stood around and watched, and the police didn’t bother to investigate afterward. I probably won’t be able to go to McDonald’s or to Kohl’s anymore simply for the chilling feeling I get even looking at those places now, but I know the problem isn’t in any way limited to any specific franchise or location. It’s everywhere and it’s random, which is what scares me the most.

    (Incidentally, McDonald’s: “there’s no room for violence under the Golden Arches”? Really? Part of what I can’t stand about chain restaurants is their tendency to brand everything, to hire an army of copywriters and a dozen focus groups to make sure that every cup, every wrapper, every placemat, every single place you look is covered in words and pictures cleverly designed to bore your way into your brain and create a positive feeling about the company and a niggling insecurity about yourself. To me, it’s loud and tiresome, and makes me feel uncomfortable—I wonder if those copywriters ever realize they’re instilling _fatigue_ by overdoing it so much, and making me hate their stupid brands. To think that they’re now making sure statements of apology and condolence begin by mixing their sincere regret with an invocation of their main branding elements is disturbing on about ten levels.)

  3. And it is for reasons such as these that I have created vforvivified here on word press. Sad story to be sure. Fear of the unknown and bigotry are the enemies of all whom are different.

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