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Turkey Day parades and a load of nostalgia.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and as I write this, I’m watching some guys perform a song from a musical that involved Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been one of my yearly Thanksgiving staples, namely because I always hope for something related to my fascination with game shows and/or video games to show up.

I kind of remember when I first started watching around 2002-03. Some dumb teenage kid said that the Sonic the Hedgehog float was going to be in the parade, only for it to be a no-show. Thankfully it was redeemed by having the late Charles Nelson Reilly on one float promoting his “Life of Reilly” stage play he was promoting before his death. After that, I decided to watch just for amusement and curiosity. It seems I’m not the only one.

Back before the popularity of YouTube, Matt from X-Entertainment, a guy who covers a lot of random pop culture stuff from my time (and even before it), chronicled the old Thanksgiving Day parades, starting with 1984’s parade. He continued this for a few years afterwards, but the last one he did was three years ago when he covered the 1991 parade. Man, it makes me wax nostalgic looking at those old pages and seeing stuff from way back when.

I’ve always had that sort fascination towards the parades, as it’s an interesting snapshot of the culture at the time of the parade. While we’ll see a bunch of varied pop culture icons that will rarely ever go away, it’s always amusing to see Power Rangers get a float in 2010.

The only other memory I have of the parades is me playing through a crappy promotional title called PRISM: Guard Shield. While the parade was going on in the background about 4-5 years ago, I was playing the multiplayer of this National Guard-sponsored FPS that had graphics of a bad PC game from 2001 and really bad gameplay. I wonder if it’s still around… (Yes, it is! Still crappy as ever.)

I guess there’s not much else I can say about the parades. I assume they’re not just my yearly routine, but the routine of others. One of these days I want to visit New York and actually experience the coldish hell of the parade. Maybe I can mug the camera for a few minutes, just so we can see less Al Roker. 😛