Odds and ends

Twitter tends to make me be able to speak my mind out in 140 characters or less. However, there are times where 140 characters isn’t enough. I’m gonna make this a blog entry for anything that comes to my mind, or to promote stuff I wrote elsewhere.

– Gaming website Destructoid has been my occasional go to when it comes to writing game blogs there, and they have a Monthly Musing promotion where users can submit a blog dedicated to a certain subject matter. I wrote one yesterday about game music that’s not from Japan and is pretty awesome. The interesting thing about it is that it was something I’ve had in my mind for a long while. Thinking of originally making it a YouTube video series, then as a blog entry, which now culminates in what you see here. I might still run with the idea elsewhere, because I’m one of those people that have loads of ideas and will think of ways to use those ideas somewhere.

– Back on Tuesday, I picked up Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Through the past few days, I’ve been toying with Quest Mode, leveling up in Quickplay+, and singing along to The Boys are Back in Town thanks to the free* Guitar Hero: Metallica export to GH5/WoR. I’ll probably write a review over the weekend, but I think it’s a solid title that GH fans will enjoy, but it won’t set the world on fire.

– I usually try to avoid internet drama, but over at Sonic Retro there was a severe falling out on the Sonic 4 megathread. I’ve played Sonic 4 at PAX, and I thought it was a solid title that hearkened more towards the Sonic Rush games than the classic Genesis-era Sonic that I knew and loved, but I am okay with this. But some Sonic fans at that community will bitch about ANYTHING in that game. “GREEN EYES! BLUE EYELIDS! HOMING ATTACKS! STANDING ON CURVED SLOPES! SPEED BOOSTERS!”

I think people really need to calm the fuck down and enjoy the game for its fun factor rather than nitpick the game for dumb aesthetic reasons. It comes out in about two weeks and it’s gonna be $15 (a bit much for that, IMO), so people should hold their opinions until they’ve actually played the bloody thing.

I guess that’s all I have to write about this time around. I’ll try to make this a regular thing if I have opinions but feel they’re too short, or want to talk about stuff that’s been happening in my life. See you guys next time I blog.


About B.J. Brown

Just a guy in his thirties continuing his ventured tales on the internet by writing random but quirky things on my mind.

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