Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

It’s September 3rd, 2010 and there’s always time for PAX.

(Hooray for me twisting around an old game slogan from 1989.)

So as I write this, it’s 6AM in Seattle, Washington. I’m sitting a hotel listening to random music as I write this. PAX starts in a few hours. And yes, I intend to document this event in crazy detail by taking lots of pictures and meeting various dudes from around the internet.

I got into Seattle yesterday, and got to go to two pre-PAX events. One was a PlayStation/IGN sponsored event where they had games like God of War: Ghost of Sparta, EyePet, Split/Second for the PSP, and a few others. I got to try out Split/Second and it was the same game as the PS3/360 versions. Complete with using the Airline level as the demo stage. The others I didn’t get to try.

Since it was a co-sponsored event, not only were there people from the PlayStation blog (Sid Shuman, Rey Guitierrez, et al), there were also IGN staff there like Greg Miller and Anthony Gallegos. Also, whenever “Greggy” (that is his nickname and I am not kidding) talked, everybody shouted “BEYOND!” He even had a Beyond shirt. It took me a while to realize that’s a name of some dumb IGN podcast thing that he hosts. Unfortunately I’m not one to care for much of IGN’s content, so I didn’t get the jokes.

When I left Top Pot Donuts, I had an IGN sweatrag t-shirt, a PlayStation Move poster featuring Sony advertising mascot Kevin Butler, some IGN stickers, a God of War PSP chain — something I already have at home, and an early copy of the Ghost of Sparta demo.

Afterwards, I stumbled around downtown Seattle at 9PM and found Jillian’s, where Harmonix was having a pre-PAX Rock Band 3 event. Rock Band (and its competitor Guitar Hero) have been frequently played titles in my house, so I was pumped to see it. They had the keyboard and cymbals needed for pro drums, but no pro guitar action, which is a bit unsettling. I got to play one song: Roxette’s The Look, and most of the videos played were of the 83 songs already in Rock Band 3, although they did dabble into the DLC, playing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance at one point, and wrapping up the set with Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. All in all, good fun.

Also, gonna put this out: John Drake kinda acts like a dick. I bet he’s nice but he’s got an air of smugness in his attitude. Maybe it’ll be different when I see him more in person at PAX. I even got video of the RB3 event:

(I also got video of people playing Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, of which I got a minor copyright warning. It’s still up as I post this.)

So yeah, if you’re at PAX, say hi. I’ll be trying to see and film everything and try to be all amateur games journalist and such. Watch my Youtubes, you might see more videos in the coming days.