From a game mod to another game: How I found a music track by accident.

So when I’m not playing games or browsing the web, I listen to music. Various types of music. I always thought I had eccentric tastes in music, since I’ll listen to mostly anything if it sounds good.

About two years ago, I was doing a myriad of videos for Half-Life modifications to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary. One that is considered highly praised by the mod community was Poke646, a mod made by a guy as a college project. The end of the game featured a catchy, yet haunting piano tune as its credits music. The music track was later remixed for the mod’s followup, Vendetta. I had thought it was a track made specifically for the mod, which was somewhat common back in the day to have original compositions. Either that or recycle music from other games and films.

Cut to now. I was playing Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, and while I was dying a lot due to trying to be stealthy rather than shooter-y, I got to a point in the game where a cutscene played, featured here. Notice that this spoils one of the crucial plot points in the game, so if you haven’t played it yet (and you should, it’s really good), you might want to skip ahead to the next paragraph.

So I scoured the credits once I finished Conviction and found out it was an existing song: “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt,” by DJ Shadow.

So the one track that I thought was an original composition for a game mod was a famous mashup track by a DJ. Funny how I find these things out. And it perfectly fits, since I’m a fan of mashups and DJ mixes. Sometimes they craft these masterful creations that sounds pretty awesome.

This has been your silly bit of trivia for the day. I’ll write something more interesting at a later time.


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Just a guy in his thirties continuing his ventured tales on the internet by writing random but quirky things on my mind.

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