The eats of my Wisconsin trip

During the course of the week I was in Wisconsin, my family as well as my aunt went to a lot of restaurants. The only exceptions were on Wednesday, where we cooked bacon and hash browns; and the Thursday where we got Pizza Hut wings and pasta. Both were surprisingly delicious. I originally considered calling this blog entry the “Noms of my trip,” but I realized how much I despise cat macros and decided against it. So, let’s begin on Friday

On Friday (7/16), after being up all night and a brief nap when we finally got to Wisconsin, we drove to a local family reunion of sorts at this restaurant called Dick and Joan’s. I had not eaten at all since the night before — eating two burgers and some fries from Jack-in-the-Box in rapid succession was a bad idea – So I had bought this “large tenderloin” which I think was about 12” or so. It was so goddamn delicious and tender; I ate the whole thing and most of the potato. Since I didn’t know any of the family members, I just sat and ate.

The following day (7/17), We went to Country Kitchen Buffet The Golden Corral, a buffet place I saw a lot of commercials for back at home. The last time I went to a buffet to eat was probably 3-4 years ago, when one of my cousins was having a birthday. Or we must have decided to dine at an Izzy’s one night a few years back, I forget which. (Izzy’s is a small chain of buffet restaurants back home in Portland.) Anyone who’s ever been to a buffet probably knows what’s there, so I’ll spare the details. It’s funny, Theresa said that dad and I eat “like birds.” Granted, I had a bowl of Raisin Bran earlier that morning, so I had an excuse to not eat a lot. Then again, I don’t really like buffet restaurants, they seem like one of the least-classiest places to dine. Nothing against them, the food there was great; but I felt like I didn’t fit eating there.

Now we move to Sunday (7/18), of which we went to Frank’s Pizza Palace, apparently one of the most well-known pizza places in Appleton. The place has been around since 1955, the year my dad was born. Oddly enough, it opens at 4PM daily, quite late for a pizza place. Even though we got there at around 4:30, it was already packed. They gave Theresa and my dad this noodle that doubles as a straw. It was so goofy and original that they coerced me into getting one after my first glass of Root Beer. As for the pizza itself? It was alright, it was cut into squares rather than slices, and when I tasted it at the place it tasted weird. Yet I ate some of the pizza later after it cooled and it tasted fine. Mom suggested that it was probably the basil that gave it that strange taste.

After we went to the baseball game on Monday (7/19), we stopped by Coaches Corner for a free burger, since they hit four runs in a single game. The burger there was delicious despite the big fluffy bun. The fries were skinny as hell, skinner than fries at McDonald’s or many other restaurants. Thanks to the victory at the game, we used our tickets as a way to redeem the free burgers, but we asked if we could keep one as a souvenir. (I still have it.)

And finally, on Wednesday (7/21), we went and saw a small cabin, and then stopped by the Potawatomi Casino down near Wausau, WI. I had another burger there, with bigger fries this time, but the same weird issue of large, fluffy buns. Maybe I’m too used to store-bought or fast-food brand buns, but these are almost like bread tops for buns. But enough talking about that. There wasn’t much else food-related that happened there, but I already mentioned the lucky slot spin and nailing $40 in the last blog, so I’ll move on.

Granted, there were a lot of interesting restaurants in and around Appleton, and I would love to visit some more next year. But this consisted of where I ate.

(Most of the entries here are excerpts from blogs I wrote on my dad’s laptop while we were vacationing, taken from Microsoft Word. They have been edited for clarity.)


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  1. LOL, “cat macros”.

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